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Opened 18 December 2019

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Our company is different we provide you with 3 quotes, from three levels of teams.


Professional Plumbers are joining us on a regular bases.

Plumbing Contractors Near you

  • Receive 3 quotes from 3 team members
  • One site Inspection only
  • Work posted daily, Get the best for your Plumbing work!

Plumbing Contractors Near you

  • Receive 3 quotes from 3 team members
  • One site Inspection only
  • Work posted daily, Get the best for your Plumbing work!

About Plumbing By Freddy

Plumbing By Freddy is a team dedicated to you. Perhaps your job is very small, medium or enormous? Whether you're looking to repair a leak or blockage, renovate, or fit out a whole new building, we can do it. Unqualified people abound in plumbing, and therefore you need to ensure you're dealing with a qualified tradesperson. We have the expertise, license and insurance. And will also stand by our work. We'll work out a plan with you including design, budget and time schedule, and do our best to commit to it with top quality delivery. Furthermore we will minimize our impact on your life and work as we go.

How we work

We cover all your Plumbing By Freddy needs. Firstly we consult with you to establish what you're after. Then design a solution and go over it with you. In addition we consider all the compliance issues and work out how to best meet them so your work will be legal.

Once that's established, we can get on with the work if it's a small job. However if it's larger, such as a new bathroom or plumbing a whole building, we do the 'rough in'. This means drawing all the lines for where fittings and pipes will go, without doing any cutting or drilling. In the case of a new building we do rough-in before the drywall is installed and the walls sealed. Rough-in a good time to review the plan again. This is because the rough-in is the greatest part of the job. Therefore it's important to get it right. After that, fitting the equipment like toilets, showers, sinks, bath, etc, are the simplest jobs. We will then use high quality products and workmanship to complete the job. Finally, we test it to ensure all is working as it should.

What we do

The Plumbing By Freddy team covers all the inside and outside plumbing jobs on both residential homes and commercial properties. This includes emergency service, inspection, design, installation, renovation and repair of your plumbing systems.

In addition to the main categories in the Services section, we also work on:

  • blocked drains, toilets, etc
  • plumbed-in home water filter systems, softeners, etc
  • washing machine hoses
  • fire fighting systems - pumps, sprinklers, etc
  • industrial-scale plumbing

Finally for a list of outdoor services, go to our Outdoor Plumbing section

Tips for prevention


If you think there might be a problem developing, don't wait. Call right away and have us check it out before it becomes big, expensive and inconvenient. Plumbing issues left too long can spread to floorboards, carpets, cupboards, electrical wiring, etc. Not to mention big water and power bills. Thus the sooner you deal with them the less will be involved.


Go for quality in both the tradespeople and the products. This applies to both initial design and to renovation and repair. You'll find that ensuring quality up front will save you more money and inconvenience in the long run.

Have a look at our Services below, and ask us for a free quote today on 02-9098-6920

Why a management company?

We provide our residential and commercial clients with a one-stop-shop service for maintenance, repairs, renovations and new building projects in all the trades required.

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We service the following areas:


Ascot, Bracknell, Crowthorne, Earley, Eton, Hungerford, ....

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Abbotstone, Ablington, Addeston, Alcombe, Aldbourne, Alderbury, ....

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Abingdon, Adderbury, Adwell, Albury, Alchester, Alkerton, ....

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Abbeymead, Abenhall, Ablington, Acton Turville, Adlestrop, Alderley, ....

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Abbey Village, Abbeystead, Accrington, Acre, Adlington, Aldcliffe, ....

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Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorchester, East Dorset, North Dorset, Poole, Portland, Purbeck, West Dorset, Weymouth

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