How to Stay Within the Budget during a Renovation

A home renovation can be filled with surprises.

Surprises that can inflate your expenses. Before you know it, you are already way above the arranged budget.

But there are ways to protect your bottom line.

1. Take the DIY Route

DIY is not always cheaper. Without the right expertise, you may have to hire a professional to do it all again. The result? You have to spend more than planned. Make sure you have the needed knowledge, skill, tools and equipment for the job before deciding to undertake it.

A licensed general contractor Dorset can allocate the job to the right person for the best price. He also knows when to schedule to workers to avoid delays and waste of resources. For medium to large projects, do not hesitate to leave it all out to a professional.

2.Write Down the Step by Step Process

How much is your budget? What else do you need for the project? Do you have enough nails and adhesive?

No matter the size of a project, it would be wise to write down each step. The more detailed, the less likely your expenses will bloat. When making an estimation, write down the big expenses first. These include the materials and the labor.

Then, include smaller expenses such shipping, delivery, and cleaning. You may also have to pay for the permits and inspections.

If you’re planning to stay someplace else during the construction, add in the moving and lodging cost. Basically, everything that is related to the project.

3.Work with the Right People

The best way to be sure of the results is to hire a licensed and well-experienced general contractor Dorset. But if you want to pass up that option and employ individuals yourself, we would suggest that you obtain at least 3 quotations for each type of service. Of course, make sure each worker is qualified to the service they offer and that they are covered by an insurance.

Speak with every candidate to learn about their experiences. You might pick up a brilliant idea from their previous projects. Discuss the project in detail so the worker can come up with a reasonable estimate.


Decide what features take the top position and what are simply supplements. Settling your priorities will help you manage budget goals in the event that you need to cut corners.

For example, you want to refresh the kitchen but the original plan of installing a natural stone countertop is going to blow up the budget. Reflect if using this material is vital for the entire project or not.

If your main goal is to get rid of the dingy countertop and replace it with a new one, consider ceramic tile or any other cheaper option.