HVAC Hacks to Save on Energy

Your home’s HVAC unit works all day and all night long, which means it continuously vibrates and exposed to heat. Without regular greasing, it will have to churn harder in order to make you comfortable.

For the HVAC unit to hum smoothly, do these maintenance works regularly.

Change the Oil Filter

The working components of an oil-fired boiler will become blocked so you have to change it at least twice a year. Perform the replacement before seasons change.

Don’t worry because it is one of those home improvement tasks that most people are prepared for. Most units have oil filters situated at the bottom of the unit and can be removed by loosening a screw. Locate the shut-off valve to stop the oil supply, pull off the base, clean it, and then insert your new filter.

Seal Leaky Ducts

No matter how sophisticated your heating or air conditioning unit is, it will not be able to deliver a remarkable performance if the ductwork is poor or faulty. You may have hired a professional to install the ducts, however, cracks and fissures can form around it, predominantly at the seams and joints. You can begin to believe if the room either gets too hot or too cold.

Seal the gaps using a metal tape or apply a mastic sealant.

Clean the Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The cover of your HVAC unit may be doing pretty well in shielding it from outdoor elements; however, dust, debris, and other small particles can still get inside. Heavy accumulation can downgrade the unit’s performance.

Open the unit and clean it using a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle brush. Pay attention to the coils and condenser because air flows through them.

For major repairs, contact an HVAC expert Hampshire South Hampton