Mice in Your Ducts? Get Rid of them Now!

You’ve seen their shadows and heard them gnawing.

You can feel their presence in the ductwork and it bothers you. Here’s how to get rid of those mice that have taken residence in your ducts at home.

1. Assess the Situation

The best strategy to prevent a long-term pest problem is to locate their portal of entry and block it. Your efforts of warding them off from one part of the house are useless if they can still get inside.

Walk around your home. Check the for any possible entrance along your foundations, in the roofline, under the deck, beside the chimney, or around the doorways. Don’t ignore small openings because mice can gnaw its way to your interior living space. Pay attention to gaps between structures.

Be on lookout for mice droppings or follow the odour of their urine. Waste can build up around the path they frequently use.

2. Prepare Your Supplies

These days, you can find numerous anti-rodent products in the market. There are sticky pads, wooden traps and baits. Avoid using poison because it can put your household at risk of toxic inhalation. Also, you do not want a dead animal in your ductwork.

One traditional bait is the peanut butter. Rodents will have to work at this bait a little bit, prolonging their stay and increasing your chances of catching them. Experts also advise to keep the furnace off while working on the trap.

3. Set Your Traps

Determine the potential route of the mice. If your house has two stories, put a trap in the ground level and another in the ceiling. Strategic placement of traps is vital to the success of pest elimination.

Pest control technicians attach the traps perpendicular to the walls because mice typically run their bodies along the walls, using their whiskers as guide.

4. Check Your Traps Daily

You must do it daily because you do not want to pick up a decaying animal. If you caught something, do not touch it if you’re not wearing gloves. Dispose the mice properly, put back the trap, and disinfect properly.

5. Contact Professional Pest Control

It is possible that the rodents are already deep in the ductwork, which can be difficult to access. If they are not eliminated immediately, their waste materials can mix with the air being pumped into your living space.

If you think your pest problem is already critical, call professional pest control right away for effective elimination and prevention.