Basement Plumbing

Basement plumbing has many of the same elements as other spaces. For example you can have a toilet, laundry, complete bathroom or even a kitchen in your basement. Also you may have your sump pump, water heater, grey water system or water softening system down in the basement too. You'll probably find that getting a professional for your basement plumbing is more efficient, whether you're designing anew, extending or renovating. This is because there are some special needs and problems connected with the plumbing in basements.

Issues with basement Plumbing

    You and whomever is plumbing your basement must take the below factors into consideration:
  • If you are extending or renovating, you may have a sump well and pump, heating, cooling or water systems and electrical wiring in the basement. This means that you'll have to work around them. Furthermore the new plumbing will have to slot into them and work properly without blockages or leaks. In addition your plumber will help you fit them into the design to cover up ugly runs of piping. Therefore the basement can be made to look like a properly finished, tidy room.
  • Pipes may be concreted underground. In this case breaking up concrete may be required. Because of this special expertise is needed. Examples are installing a vent for drains, and preventing water leaks from other systems. Perhaps breaking concrete, with all the associated noise, dust, damage and mess is not for you. There are some plumbing systems that don't require breaking concrete. We can advise you about these.
  • Your sewer pipes may be on a higher level than your basement. In this case you'll need to send toilet waste upwards. Options for this include up-flushing toilets and sewage ejector systems. The advantages of these are fast installation and little mess. You pay less, and are not so inconvenienced.
  • Similarly showers, baths and sinks may have no lower place to release waste water to and will therefore require special plumbing and floor drains.


We can come and take a look at your design, or your existing basement to see how everything is already set up. Furthermore we can advise you on what would be required for the result you are after. Afterwards we can design and complete the work to the best quality, staying within your budget and time schedule.