Bathroom Plumbing

You obviously need bathroom plumbing in your home or business. This may be because you are building, or perhaps you want to add a second bathroom or ensuite. Also at some point you'll need repairs or renovations.

However beyond these, have you ever thought of putting a new bathroom in your main bedroom, adjoining your office, or upstairs or downstairs? You might balk at the possible plumbing challenges. But we can solve your problem! Plumbing By Freddy can bring to you bathroom plumbing solutions that are specially designed for unusual installations, without lots of structural or pipe modifications.


Traps are the bent outlet pipes that carry away water down into drain systems. They are designed to serve a variety of other purposes too, such as the ones below.

- The traps have shapes designed to catch objects that may have fallen down the drain, such as rubbish or jewelry, etc. The reason is so that the objects can be removed by unscrewing the pipe inside the room.

- Traps also hold a little bit of water in the bend after use. This is because the water acts as a plug to stop bad-smelling gases coming from the toilet and sewer system into your interior. Traps that do this are needed for all water-using fittings, not just toilets.

- Another benefit of traps is preventing blockages in your plumbing.

- Traps may be inside or outside, depending on the design of the room or building.

- They come in two main types: P-traps and S-traps.


These traps are P-shaped and generally found with bathroom and kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Also they are found on all the floor drains of showers and bathrooms. Furthermore they can be installed on toilets.


S-traps have the same purposes as P-traps, but are a different shape. They too, are found under sinks and toilets. Whereas the P-trap exits from the back of the toilet through the wall, the S-trap goes down into the floor. A disadvantage of S-traps is that gravity can force the retained plug of water down and all the water drains out of the toilet.

A question: what kind of traps are installed in your plumbing? Do you have any problem with bad smells? Are your traps of the S-trap type? You might consider getting them changed over to P-traps.


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