Emergency Plumber time!

You would be wise to call the emergency plumber if you have blockages, or water or sewerage leaking out anywhere.

Plumbing first aid

Your first step in the emergency is to turn off the water supply. Therefore you must find the mains water valve and turn it off. Then call the plumber! Do this because you can end up with building, electrical and grounds damage that need repair if you leave it too long. Thus you will incur much less expense and damage if you get your problem professionally fixed right away.

What we do

We come to your home or business to deal with emergencies. We'll do everything from major leaks, breaks and blockages to malfunctions and tree roots breaking pipes. We also cover the smaller jobs that are less urgent but should be dealt with as soon as possible. Examples are minor leaks, dripping, worn or broken taps, blocked gutter downpipes, slow-running drains, banging pipes, etc. Moreover we can patch sewers or drain pipes that block up underground, without digging. Less mess and expense to you!