Laundry Plumbing

Laundry plumbing naturally centres around the washing machine for washing your clothes. It is usually located in a room of its own. However any space can be for laundry, such as a basement, under a deck, in a second bathroom, in a garage or outbuilding, etc. Furthermore your other water systems often reside there too. For instance your hot water, softener, filtration and greywater recycling systems. Sometimes you also have a well and sump pump in the laundry, especially if it's in the basement. With all those important water-based services in one place, a lot can happen!

What does your laundry plumbing need?

Are you building a new house or business premises? Or do you need to extend, replace equipment, have repairs done, or a renovation?

New building

If you are building a new house or business premises, the design of the laundry is just as important as any other aspect. Generally, you will have chosen your fittings and appliances according to your needs and budget. Also you'll no doubt want to match them to your style. However, there you are with a pile of great gear, but now how to fit it all together? Or perhaps you are in overwhelm and would like some advice on where to start. Call us, we can help you. Not only do we have qualified plumbers, but we also do design, product advice, electricals, fitouts, renovations, bathrooms, etc. Thus we can engage a whole team of trades to help you out. Visit our master site to see how many trades we can blend for your project.

Extensions, renovations and repairs

Laundry plumbing works especially hard. You're no doubt aware that water appliances and pipes eventually wear, break, under-perform or no longer meet your needs. We can accommodate you whether you have to replace one appliance such as the water heater, move a device and its plumbing, or renovate your whole laundry.

We have the expertise to construct and repair laundry plumbing in basements too.

What does your laundry plumbing need?

Below are some of the installation and repair services we can bring to your laundry plumbing job:

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