Water Damage

A water damage restoration service may be required if plumbing has leaked, blocked or broken.
Leaks in pipes and appliances spread water over the floor or can drip and run down into rooms. It can even work its way down and flood the basement. For example sinks, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines can all leak. Roots, debris or freezing can cause blockages. Subsequently the water can burst out of pipes elsewhere or overflow from appliances.
Broken pipes can send large amounts of water shooting out everywhere. For example many hundreds of litres per hour.
The water can stain and damage timbers, foundations, insulation, soft furnishings, walls, flooring and electricals. Damp interiors can then go mouldy, which is a health hazard. Furthermore the health hazard is extreme if it's sewer pipes that have leaked or burst. These situations are all emergencies that should be dealt with quickly. That's because you will be better protected the faster it can be addressed. Factors include less exposure to health hazards, less damage and lower costs. The Plumbing By Freddy team provides you with an emergency plumber [LINK to: Emergency Plumber] service to arrest serious problems. Additionally we offer a water damage restoration service to deal with the consequences of leaks, breaks and blockages.

What we do:

We have a complete building team who can tackle not just what you have planned but any problems that might be discovered.


Firstly we will inspect and assess the damage caused by the water. We will stop the water release to prevent further damage. Then we will advise you and make a plan with you as part of our water damage restoration service.
You might require the following types of restoration. We can:
- Repair the source of water leakage
- Extract the remaining water
- Clean up escaped sewage
- Remove damaged goods and fittings
- Dry out water-affected areas such as walls, carpet, furniture, etc.
- Treat affected areas against bacteria, mold and mildew
- Install new plumbing and water systems if necessary to prevent recurrences