What can happen to your water heater?

Have you noticed any rust-coloured water coming from your taps? Because if so, it's a sign that the water heater is rusted inside. Consequently it will have to be replaced.

If your energy bills seem to be increasing for no apparent reason, check your water heater. Water heaters use a lot of power, so it's a good place to look first. It may be old or have some other problem that needs attention. Or it might prove more economical to switch to one with a different power supply. That depends upon your needs and pattern of usage.

Do you find that the hot water is slow to heat or runs out too soon? It might be time to repair or replace your water heater with one that can meet your needs. This is so especially if the number of people or your useage has increased.

About Your Water Heater

The water heater is usually the first place that water from the mains enters your building. This is because it needs good water pressure. The line splits here to take cold water to parts of the house that do not need hot water. Thus the hot water system is a central hub for plumbing. The pipes can be made of different materials. Some of these are not as good as others. For example, galvanized steel ones are hard to replace. Plastic pipes can be damaged by heat. Copper is the best, though more expensive. Your water heater can be heated by mains electricity, solar or gas. Each will require some different handling.

Installation or replacement

The hot and cold water plumbing of the water heater has to be installed to function at its best. It must also be compliant with local regulations. Call us to get it right for you if you are having a new one installed. Because a water heater is likely to last between 7 and 15 years, you might find the time comes for replacement. We can advise you on systems that suit your needs, and also improve your plumbing system for you when this occurs.


The heating element in a water heater can burn out before the entire heater expires. Slow heating may be a sign of this. The heater may be OK so perhaps you don't want the expense of a whole new system. Therefore we can replace the element for you. Alternately, the thermostat or switches could require replacing.


  • We can instal a shut-off device on your water heater in case of malfunctions. This is because it allows the heater to be isolated for fixing without depriving your whole building of water.
  • To reduce heat loss, especially on old water heaters, we can fit insulation onto the heater.